According to the latest report by IHS, Markit, in the future, Apple will not radically increase the volume of batteries in their mobile devices. But work Apple smartphones will be able longer existing models. This will be possible through the use of special components of the new type.

Technology LTPO TFT, on the basis of which to create screens for the new iPhone, it allows you to reduce energy costs. This is achieved through the use of special joint boards. The latter is responsible for enabling and disabling individual pixels, and also plays an important role in determining the resolution of the display and forming the refresh rate of the screen.

Earlier, the cupertinos have already filed several patent applications associated with the technology LTPO. It is therefore possible that in the future Apple uses their own experience when creating new devices. It is believed that a more economical displays, will be applied not only in iPhone but also Apple Watch. Moreover, in smart hours Apple they may appear faster than in smartphones.

According to preliminary estimates, the LTPO TFT technology can help reduce energy costs for the operation of the display by about 5-15%. On the one hand these values do not look impressive. However, if you combine such technology with other energy saving mechanisms, the battery life of the gadget can significantly increase.


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