Sellers of electronics from July 1, 2020 are required to install the gadgets of the domestic software. The relevant law adopted by the state Duma. A list of devices that will be pre-set FOR the Russian, will determine the Cabinet.

The last time the list was changed in March 2019. It has 14 items: PCs, laptops, gaming consoles, satellite TV systems, televisions, electronic watches. The word “smartphone” is missing. Cell phones fell into the category of “navigation equipment, and wireless for residential use, with touch screen and having two or more functions.”

The document also called measure against Apple’s gadgets, as an American company does not establish in advance a third-party program. Because of this IT giant is not required to agree to comply with the new requirement, says TJ.

There are versions that data collected about citizens of the Russian Federation Russian applications in this manner will remain in the country. Official statements on this subject was not.

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