In late October, Apple introduced an updated MacBook Air. However, users are not many versions of this laptop. For the most part they all differ from each other only by the amount of RAM and storage. However, judging by recent reports, future sales may appear and the more powerful MacBook Air.

Hint at the imminent release of new versions of the “air” Apple laptop was seen in the popular benchmark Geekbench. According to reports, soon, Apple should start selling MacBook Air Inter Core i7.

In the single core test, the laptop-based Inter Core i7 gets 4 249 points, and multi-core – 8 553 points. For comparison, the results of the 13-inch Air sample 2015 release is much lower – 3 422 7 and 171 points, respectively.

At the moment, many users consider the new MacBook Air is not powerful enough. Almost all of the. refute this claim, noting that even the base version of Apple’s new notebook can handle most tasks, from surfing the web to editing videos easy.


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