In may of this year Apple received several patents on the technology MicroLED. And in April, the company received patents for displays based on this technology, which could result in the use of MicroLED displays in iMacs, MacBook, iPhone and so on.

And that’s just at the end of last month appeared the first rumors about the launch of devices with MicroLED displays. According to the latest data, the company has chosen two Taiwanese supplier of new types of displays that will produce screens for future Apple Watch with the use of this technology.

In addition, Patently Apple has discovered a new Apple patent for MicroLED, already published in Europe. Date the release of information about its registration is listed for August 1, 2019. Apparently, the company aims to seriously and tries to protect intellectual property wherever possible. From this it follows that it is likely we soon expect a wave of announcements of new devices that will run on the latest displays — MicroLED.

Recall that the MicroLED is a technology that has all the advantages of OLED, but avoid its drawbacks. So, MicroLED displays also have a very high contrast, excellent color reproduction and wide viewing angle. But MicroLED displays, unlike OLED which will not burn pixels can glow brighter, and panels based on this technology are thinner and should be a bit cheaper.

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