Apple decided not to delay the correction of a nasty bug.

In released 5 Dec firmware iOS 12.1.1 was discovered a bug, which some users have ceased to fire fast commands using voice queries. Remarkably, after the release of iOS 12.1.1 a similar problem was evident in the older firmwares. Fortunately, Apple has responded to reports of a crash quick commands as quickly as possible and have eliminated the problem.

Apple has fixed the bug, because of which quick commands created using the application Teams could not be run by voice request to Siri. Because of sudden problems some users were able to activate the team directly from the app Team or the widgets panel.

Despite the fact that the bug stated quite a few iPhone users, Apple handled the problem very quickly. The bug was fixed just a day after the release of iOS 12.1.1.

Previously, iPhone users have reported that iOS 12.1.1 accelerated their smartphones even more. A particularly strong increase in speed was noticed by the owners of iPhone 5s and iPhone 6.


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