The unexpected decision.

Two-factor authentication Apple ID account — the most reliable way of data protection, which is iPhone, iPad and Mac. As it turned out, Apple is so much like when the owners of its devices use two-factor authentication that the company is forbidden to disable it. The ban happened without notice from Apple — the ability to disable the feature just disappeared.

Two-factor authentication Apple ID to include

Two-factor authentication Apple ID account allows users of Apple devices to protect your personal data. If you enable the feature, log into your Apple ID account and iCloud will need the introduction of a special code that is sent when you try to login to another Apple device, email or SMS.

However, despite the beauty of this feature, at present she has a nasty feature. To disable two-factor authentication once it has been activated is not possible. Option to disable the function simply disappeared from the security settings Apple ID.

What is the reason for Apple’s decision is unknown. It is assumed that the company wants its users remain fully protected and not risked the loss of their own data. However, users who learned about the innovation claim that Apple could warn us beforehand. In addition, it is possible that the option to disable two-factor authentication is lost temporarily.

Source: MW.


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