Waiting for the return of “tens”.

After the presentation of the iPhone XS, Max XS iPhone and iPhone XR in September of this year, Apple ceased to produce and sell commemorative iPhone X. Apple did this in order to make a more affordable iPhone X does not interfere with the sales of flagships. However, the demand for the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max was less than expected Apple, so the company decided to start production and sales of the iPhone X. On it informs edition The Wall Street Journal, citing intelligence sources.

According to the WSJ sources, Apple is planning to restart production of the iPhone X for sale in some countries. In which countries Apple intends to start selling the iPhone X is currently unknown. But sources said that Apple’s goal is to improve performance in developing countries.

It is also known that Apple will sell the iPhone X at a reduced price. How much will drop the price of the anniversary of “ten” is not reported, but the smartphone will definitely be cheaper than the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max.

Experts believe that Apple will not sell iPhone restarted X at the official online store. It is expected that the implementation of the smartphone will take place through authorized Apple retailers. Similar move the company made last year when he released an updated version of the iPhone 6.

It is noteworthy that the new party iPhone 6 got including to Russia. In this regard, it should be expected that the appearance of restarted iPhone X will happen to us.

Source: WSJ.


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