After the release of iOS 13 the rumors about the refusal of the 3D technology, Touch (pressure detection the display) were confirmed.

Today this feature is almost completely missing in the new OS and only works on a couple of buttons on the lock screen. In the rest of the 3D Touch was replaced by a software function of the sensitivity to the duration of the pressure Haptic Touch, which is used in iPhone and XR has long been used in Android.

Advantages over 3D Touch Haptic Touch

At the same time, 3D Touch allows you to perform the action without lifting a finger, while in Haptic Touch must make a long tap on the icon and then let go and choose the required item from the menu that appears.

The reasons for the refusal Apple from 3D Touch

The reasons for the refusal Apple from 3D Touch yet unknown. One version can be the desire cupertinos corporations to reduce the cost of their smartphones, which, however, is not peculiar to Apple. Besides the upcoming iPhone can be even more expensive than the current.

Another reason could be the small popular feature among owners of “Apple” smartphones, although for some percentage of users 3D Touch remains quite in demand.

Recall that 3D Touch first appeared in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in 2015.

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