Apple offers to place a camera on the end of the flexible strap so that the user does not need to move your wrist to take a photo. The company has also provided the opportunity to pregreplace part of the camera strap to the watch case.

Apple showed several design options of the strap with the camera. On one of them the camera is enclosed in a metal housing and can rotate. In another embodiment, on both sides of the strap are two cameras.

Shooting will be carried out by clicking on rameshk or using voice commands. Ready images the camera will pass on the iPhone, the document says.

When the camera is not needed, it is possible to fix the holder on the strap

The picture of the strap with two cameras

The Verge says that the patent does not guarantee that Apple will release the next smartwatch with this strap. A patent the company filed back in 2016, and has since released three generations of Apple Watch without a camera on the strap.

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