Apple is not the first year working on the project of automatic control system of vehicles. Especially for testing your development cupertinos built a few dozen self-driving cars. However, last year many of the cars were not used.

According to that Apple gave to the Department of motor vehicles California, last year, was actively used by only 23 of the 69 self-driving cars Apple. In the period from December 2018 to November 2019, they drove a total of 7 544 miles (12,1 km). For comparison, in 2018, the Apple car drove over 79 700 miles, or about 128, 4 thousand kilometers.

The report also Apple, which the company filed in the Department of motor vehicles California, stated that during testing last year it was only 64 when the driver had to take control to avoid dangerous situations on the road. Taking into account only the distance traveled is approximately 8.48 failures per 1,000 miles. In comparison with the results of the 2018 Apple managed to significantly rework their system. A year earlier per 1000 miles driven was approximately 871,6 failures.


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