After a series of complaints from third-party developers, Apple has decided to modify the algorithms of ranking apps on the App Store. Now Apple app should not appear in the search too often. In an interview with The New York Times said Phil Schiller and eddy cue.

In the past, the algorithms of the App Store offering users in the beginning branded Apple apps, and then third-party solutions. For example, if you search for “Music” in the results first appeared such as Apple Music, GarageBand, iTunes Remote, Music, Memos, iTunes Store, iMovie, and even Clips. This state of Affairs is not liked by many third-party companies and developers.

According to top managers of Apple similar results were established primarily for the convenience of users. Until recently, the mechanisms of the App Store tried to display apps from a single developer, a group. However, in the middle of July, Apple has disabled the feature grouping algorithm for all of its applications. In addition, for programs from third-party developers the algorithms work in the old way.

Phil Schiller and eddy cue not believe that the mechanisms of the App Store was some kind of mistake. According to top managers, the algorithms worked correctly. However, now developers have more ways to promote their programs.


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