Apple refused the modems IntelВ released this morning report the company Calcalist said that Apple refused to use her modem for iPhone 2020 release.

As a result, the chip maker was forced to suspend further development and to disband the team who worked on the new generation of modems.

We are talking about a combo chip that combines dual-radio Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and willing to work in 5G networks.

It turns out that in a dispute with Qulacomm was won by the Chinese chip maker, managed to force Apple to convince of the need to order the microcontrollers solely to him.

Thus the partnership with Apple, if that ever actually happens, Intel will be able to return only in 2022. Until then, to supply chips for the iPhone will only Qualcomm.

Rumors of a possible partnership with MediaTek is too abstract, and they mention 2020. Summing up, one can only note that in antitrust fight once again won the monopoly.


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