Web developer from the USA has story attempt warranty repair Apple laptops. Service center refused to repair the three MacBook because their owner… was a heavy smoker.

The ninth of August, the developer brought to the service center three laptops. Two of them had to replace the keyboard with a butterfly mechanism in the framework of the program Keyboard Service Program. Third MacBook the man is damaged by accident, but repair was to cover the extended warranty AppleCare+.

After the developer, suspecting nothing, left the service center, he telephoned the staff and stated that they refuse to repair laptops. They said that the reason for failures could be Smoking owner. When a man is reminded of the warranty rights, the staff began to refer to the fact that they can not repair the device due to possible damage to health. The refusal was explained by the policy of Apple. However, no formal directives for such cases was never found.

The developer took their laptops and intends to continue to defend your right to warranty repairs, blaming the service center fraud.

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