Recently developed by Daniel Hendrick faced with an unpleasant situation, when you contact a service center Apple. Cupertinos just denied him a free replacement of the keyboard in MacBook Pro, explaining his decision by the fact that on the insides of the laptop discovered too much nicotine.

According to employees of service center of Apple, they just can’t test the elements of the laptop because of extensive “nicotine damages” that surfaced in the devices. Hendricks did not hide that is a heavy smoker and after the failure of Apple to fix his device decided to take MacBook Pro. However, the staff refused to return his laptop until he signs the waiver. In the end he had no choice but to submit requirements and sign the papers.

Employees of Apple told Hendricks that he was not the first who faced with similar problems. Apple often refuses to repair devices that can be dangerous to the respiratory system of employees. According to the Manager, the same fate awaited iPhone, which was used by operating companies to manufacture asbestos.

He Hendricks notes that about six months ago he had already asked the service center to replace the keyboard in my MacBook Pro 2016, and then no problems have arisen.


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