9 July 2018 analysts BlueFin Research submitted a letter to investors, which argue that after the fall of the presentation of Apple’s attention will move to iPhone 9, iPhone 11 the iPhone 11 Plus.

The company’s experts noted the high level of pent-up demand for Apple smartphones due to the fact that the appearance of the iPhone remained virtually unchanged in recent years. According to analysts ‘ estimates for the remaining two quarters of 2018, the Corporation intends to produce about 91 million phones belonging to the fresh lineup. A little more — almost 92 million gadgets to collect for the first half of 2019. This seriously exceeds the volume which usually works for Apple.

Most likely, the so-called iPhone 11 Plus will please fans of phablets, and the iPhone 9 will be in demand from those that are not willing to pay for a new gadget too high a price. The iPhone 8 will seriously decline, and the blockbuster release of iPhone SE the iPhone X will be discontinued.

Analysts believe that the high demand for these models will have a negative impact on sales of new products. SE iPhone is too expensive. In addition, the phone with the name of the Special Edition can not be sold forever.

Despite the fact that updates to existing iPhone and iPhone SE X will probably go a few more years to find a new device one of these models in the third quarter of 2019 can be quite a big problem.


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