Apple continues to ponder over the rejection of his own Lightning interface, which it used in its smartphones and tablet computers. Of the iPad Pro she had it cut in favor of USB C, and now the same fate seems to be waiting for the new smartphone.

In the beta version of iOS 13, announced a week ago. found a reference that it has full support for USB-C. And since iOS is only on iPhone, since the iPad got its own iPad OS, everything is obvious. In addition, once a reference was found in iOS 13, which will be released this fall, all indicates that Lightning will disappear from IPhones this year.

On the other hand, all of the major updates in its smartphones Apple has in store for the year 2020, so maybe a new interface we can’t see. The transition to USB-C is a solid pros, because now you can connect peripherals (USB drive, mouse) without adapters and to order durable charging cable from China. In addition, the socket replacement is cheaper. In General, the iPhone fans look forward to, and the adherents of Android use USB-C for several years.

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