In March of this year, Apple wanted to register the Apple logo, Park in the form of concentric rings as a trademark, and now she had applied for four trademarks, belonging to a new campus.

Patently Apple has spotted a new patent application, two of which relate to the name “Apple Park” and the remaining two describe the figurative representation using the logo, that is  followed by the word “Park”.

When applying for trademark registration you must specify for what purposes it will be used. Apple broke them into two separate patents. All refers specifically to the visitor center, not the campus as a whole. In the first application describes an Apple Store.

International class 035: “Services of retail store with computer, electronic and entertainment products, telecommunications devices, handheld and wearable digital electronic devices audioprojektai, home automation products, computer software, gift products and accessories, peripherals, cases and accessories for such products; product demonstrations in the store; organizing and conducting of commercial, trade and business conferences, and exhibitions”.

International class 041: “Services in the field of education, namely, conducting classes and seminars in the field of information and communication technology, computer software, online services, design websites, music, photos and / or video processing; organization of professional seminars and training courses; training in the use and operation of computers, software and working with consumer electronics; organizing and conducting concerts, live performances and entertainment events; conducting tours”.

International class 043: “Restaurant services.”

Another application relates to goods sold in the center.

International class 016: “Pens, pencils, notebooks and magazines.”

International class 018: “shopping Bags; sports bags; all-purpose carrying bags; backpacks; card holders, card holders”.

International class 021: “the glassware; mugs; water bottles sold empty.”

International class 025: Clothing.

Apple also registered a trademark for Core ML tool provides the functions of machine learning to develop iOS apps.


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