Official Apple representatives to reject the recent statements by the CEO of Google Sundar Pichai regarding the confidentiality of the company’s customers. According to Pichai, confidentiality in the case of Apple is a kind of gift for the use of premium products.

The position of the head of Google was covered by the New York Times. Despite the fact that Pichai did not mention Apple, from the text we can understand that he was referring specifically to this company.

“Privacy should not be available only to those users who can afford the use of premium products,” said Sundar Pichai.

Words Pichai commented Craig Federighi, senior Vice President, software development of Apple. In an interview with The Independent Federighi raised issues of security and privacy.

“I think the problem is much deeper. You have to look at the whole culture of individual companies, which will not change after two months or two to three press releases,” explains Federighi.

Federighi noted that he was “a pleasure” to observe how other companies are paying more attention to privacy. This trend, according to the Apple representative, there has been in recent months.

“We’re definitely looking for the opportunity to submit to the world an example of how to work, and also meet the requirements of users who expect quality products. And, of course, we are looking for an opportunity to sell our products to everyone, not just wealthy people,” concluded Federighi.

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