Apple has released a stable version of the operating desktop operating system — macOS 10.14 Mojave. OS was tested by developers and the public since its announcement in June at the conference for developers WWDC 2018.

macOS Mojave is available as a free update for Mac computers, introduced in mid 2012 and later, and also for models of Mac Pro 2010 and 2012 with the recommended graphics card that supports Metal.

MacOS Mojave there was a dark theme available for all operating systems, including Windows, the Dock, settings, Messages, Mail, Photos, Apple Music, and so on. The new version of Xcode supports a dark theme. Dark theme includes a new feature called dynamic desktop Wallpaper automatically adjusts to the time of day.

Function Stacks will help bring order to your desktop, it automatically groups files by their extension. Users can change the settings Stacks using various file attributes such as creation date or tags. Updated Finder, it has a new view mode, Gallery View, where you can flip through the thumbnail files. In the preview pane now displays all the file’s metadata. In the quick actions you can perform various actions, such as create and password protect your PDF files and use files custom Automator actions directly from the Finder.

The app Preview gives you the ability to open any file at full size, rotate and crop the image to make the layout to PDF, to crop video or audio recording without opening the file in the application.

Mojave with macOS apps, familiar to iOS users such as News, Stocks, voice Recorder and a House appeared first on Mac. So, Mac users will be able to control HomeKit-enabled accessories in the Appendix “Home” with the desktop, in particular, to adjust the room temperature or turn on and off lights, not leaving your computer. Until the end of autumn will appear and group calls FaceTime, in iOS 12.

Mojave macOS in the Mac App store is fully updated. He’s got a new interface and editorial materials for variety of applications. The Discover tab shows new and updated apps, and tabs Create, Work, Play and Develop collected applications for specific projects and tasks. In addition, in the Mac App Store will soon have a number of apps from leading developers, including Microsoft Office, Adobe Lightroom CC and others.

Improved Intelligent Tracking Prevention in Safari will help prevent tracking of users through the buttons “Like” and “Share” widgets, commenting on social networks. Safari now also displays the web sites simplified system information that they could not keep track of user’s configuration of his system.

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