Today Apple again released the third test build of iOS 13 for developers. Recall that iOS 13 Beta 3 was already released last week, however the firmware was not available to owners of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Today, the cupertinos have corrected this defect.

In addition to supporting the “sevens” in the updated iOS 13 beta 3 also fixes some bugs, improves stability of the system and made a number of interface changes. However, despite all changes, users have reported many bugs that are still OSes. For example, incorrectly working third-party applications, problems with widgets and some other functions.

Along with the updated third beta version of iOS cupertinos 13 is also released and the second public test build of its new mobile operating system. She came out with some delay, since the public beta and macOS 10.15 tvOS 13 became available last week.

According to reports, iOS 13 Public beta 2 is almost a complete copy of the third test build for developers. In cupertinos update fixed many bugs, improved the stability of the operating system, and the major innovation, many believe the correction function of attention in FaceTime, which creates the impression that a video call when the interviewee looks straight into the camera, not the smartphone screen.


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