Before the start of sales iPhone 11, Apple released a new version of the iOS operating system. The most important thing the company said, is to increase the system performance and speed. So if you have iPhone X unlock face will be noticeably faster, and apps will run up to two times faster. Overall, this is one of the most stable releases of Apple and even during testing, the system was not of any critical issues. “” tells about the main features of iOS 13.

One of the most anticipated features was the addition of a dark system theme. Honestly, this design is very “Amateur”. Really curious to see how iOS looks with a darker background and “black” application, but even during testing most users were returning to the classic theme after a few days. One of the main problems — poor readability of text on the screen when it is on a black background.

But not all made the example pretty. When switching themes is dimmed and even the background of the main screen, you can do it all on the fly from the control center, you can switch it on schedule, and with the overall design changes and display all system applications. Even better would be if the rest of the program adjust to the system theme, but it depends on third-party developers and in some applications, switching between dark and light themes automatically.

IOS 13 Apple has launched a new login system in the app called “sign in with Apple”. Explaining in simple language, the programs will be a new button “Sign in with Apple” next to the buttons Facebook, Google, Vkontakte and other social networks. But, unlike all other methods, when connected with the Apple company will not share services and applications personal data, and all letters from them will be sent to a unique postal address and email of the user. All of the apps available in the App Store and requires a login should support “sign in with Apple”, which devoted a separate page on the website of the company.

Even iOS will tell the user if the app records movement. So, if the user gave the app full access over the tracking of geolocation, the system will alert him that the program has too much data and will offer to disable this feature, or to grant access only once.

Apple once again rewrote the Photos. Now pictures are grouped by days, months and years in a kind of “smart tape” that displays only the best shots, and duplicates, screenshots or just bad shots disappear. So they are trying to form such utter memories from important moments of life, although if you want you can turn on and normal view, which is going full Orgy.

Greatly increased video editor and it is now possible from the comfort of the standard application to deploy, crop the frame, correct the perspective, put on the filters and carry out the color correction of the movie. Before you had to look for some third-party applications, which also cost money.

As always, the new iOS developers are trying to rethink the design of the old application. Changes have been made to “Music” where added beautiful lyrics, but why they hid the change of the playback mode. Bigger altered “Reminders”. Now it is a complete Manager of tasks and lists. Here you can separately maintain a list of cases and purchases to record and set reminders in the form of “Do exercise at 8 in the morning” (and the application will actually remind you to do exercises at 8 o’clock in the morning).

Commands become more powerful and now based on them create even services for free viewing and downloading of movies. Although the majority generally forget the existence of this app, and need it is usually a small group of enthusiasts who know how to program. In the “Messages” (and other messengers) you can now send stickers from your own Memoji, and “Maps” has its own equivalent of Google Street View, although it works only in the United States. “Find iPhone” and “Find Friends” is now a single application “Locator”, where you can view the location of their devices and sharing.

Safari is becoming more and more like a normal browser, now there is a download Manager. Yes, now to download files they do not need to access third-party applications, they are stored in Files. From there they can be opened using the proper application.

In fact, most of the innovations can be described in just a few words, and for many, they remain invisible. For example, now iOS devices can connect controllers from the PS4 and Xbox One. When calling on FaceTime, the system will adjust the gaze of the user, to make it seem like he’s always looking at his companion. To print the texts you can now swipe (only in English), and finally added a separate button with Emoji. In the Mail app appeared normal text formatting.

In “Central offices” you can select a specific Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth device for connection. You can mute calls from unknown callers, in order to get rid of spammers. Strongly altered the design CarPlay and made it modular, so that introduced support for screens with non-standard aspect ratio. Volume indicator now does not get in the middle of the screen!

WatchOS not so much. As always, the added dials and even more ways to motivate users to exercise. Apple continues to assert that Watch is not just a thing to accept the notifications, but also help in maintaining good health. Here, a analyzer external noise warnings that around was too loud. There was an application for monitoring menstrual cycles, which can record the intensity of the discharge, indicate the symptoms and all kinds to monitor their duration and changes. All this syncs with the Health app.

Even the Apple Watch are trying to do more independent from the smartphone. The watch now has a separate app store, your own calculator, voice recording and podcasts.

With the iPad story is much more interesting, because the system is for tablets Apple brought a separate category. Respectively, and evolve it will be a little different than iOS. There are more improvements to iPad conversion in the likeness of the computer and iPhone things to anything. One of those changes is the launch of sites on the tablet in the desktop version, that is the same that is available on PC.

Is the same download Manager, but more to the tablet, you can connect flash drives and external hard drives to transfer files without third-party programs. In General, using USB Type-C to iPad Pro can be connected directly mouse, keyboard, printers, samplers, recorders and almost everything that connects to the computer.

Multi-tasking, you can open one application in two Windows (to see two notes at once, or two text file). Moreover, it is now possible to run several programs at the Slide Over and instantly switch between them. All this really improves speed and usability for your tablet, and reason to take the computer to some journalistic tasks fewer: for example, on the main screen display text editor and email client, and in the side window to leave messenger, calendar, files, and music, as background and even the series run.

And, most impressive, there was a regime Sideсar tablet can now be used as an additional screen for your computer. Although this is not always as you expect. For example, the iPad can operate in the mode of a graphics tablet, or display the auxiliary information about the running application. To make the tablet a full-fledged second screen with standard methods still can not.

Users can get iOS 13, on 19 September, but are already tests for iOS 13.1 which will be released September 30. On the same day will be released iPadOS. Operating system for watch watch OS 6 is also available from 19 September.

iOS 13 can be installed on all iPhone, starting with SE and 6s (ie 7, 8, X, Xr, Xs and even iPod Touch 7). WatchOS 6 will get all of the Apple Watch, except for the first one without Series in the name. iPadOS will be available on the iPad Air second-generation and third-generation mini, starting with the fourth, just the iPad, starting with the fifth generation, and all iPad Pro.

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