The latest beta!

Development iOS 12 has reached its final stages, and Apple started to release new beta firmware every week. Today, the company has made available to registered developers for the seventh beta of iOS 12. The participants in the testing program can install the update during the day.

Updated: 14 August, Apple has withdrawn iOS 12 beta 7 due to the emergence of a critical bug with the performance. To install the update at the moment impossible.

As we have noted in other materials 12 iOS, Apple is finalizing IOS. In this regard, as in previous years, the company began to produce fresh test iOS build 12 more. For developers and participants of the program testing it is, of course, only a plus.

Apple released iTunes 12 beta 7 — what’s new, the full list of changes

  • In iOS 12 beta 7 lost group video calls on FaceTime. Apple has officially announced that the feature will only appear in one of the major iOS updates 12, at the end of 2018.
  • Fixed many bugs found in previous beta versions of iOS 12.
  • Improved optimization and stability with third-party applications.
  • Fixed an issue where the App would not load.
  • Fixed a problem that resulted in a crash of application on incoming call.

The seventh beta version of iOS 12, was released just a few minutes ago. As soon as new updates become known, we will update the news full list of changes.

The final version of iOS 12 will be released in the second half of September.



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