Apple released macOS 10.15 Catalina. This October 7 reported on the website of the company.

Catalina supports the new gameplay Apple Arcade, which offers games for macOS and iOS tvOS on a single subscription. Also update the Apple split iTunes into three apps: Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV.

The key new features, including support for iPad applications. Now technology Mac Catalyst itself adapts the interface of iOS with macOS, so developers can transfer them from iPad to macOS using Xcode including Twitter, TripIt, Post-It, GoodNotes and Jira. Also, using SideCar, you can use iPad as a second screen or tablet.

Now Mac, you can control the voice by using Voice Control. The new version of macOS added “Screen time” on iOS, which allows you to monitor how much time the user spends in applications and on sites to set limits and reminders. This feature will allow you to track and family members, and in iCloud you will see the total time for all devices per day.

Catalina macOS will run on a separate system drive — it is read-only separately from all other data that will not allow you to overwrite critical system data. In the case of loss of the MacBook will be available through the new app a Locator, even if the device is turned off or it is in sleep mode.

Among other changes: under “Photos” there were collections of the best images of users, in Safari, refreshed the starting page interface has changed “Notes” and “Reminders”. In the standard Mail app, you can block individual senders, unsubscribe from too much discussion or advertising mailings.

macOS Catalina available for all Macs released in mid-2012 or later.

September 10, Apple introduced its new flagship phone with three cameras — iPhone 11 Pro.

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