Today, Apple has finally updated one of their most popular computers – the MacBook Air. The new Rerita display, new keyboard (no Touch bar), the scanner Touch ID and lost a little weight and lost the usual ports.

New case & screen

Apple has decided to preserve a recognizable profile of MacBook Air. In this case the updated laptop is made of fully recycled aluminum. Despite the recognizable contours, updated Air is 10% thinner by 17% smaller and 25% lighter. Last but not least this is made possible by reducing the frames around the screen (about 50%) and the new mechanism of the keyboard.

Markedly changed and the display itself. First, sales were only one model with a diagonal of 13.3 inches. Secondly, the screen resolution increased from 1440h900 up to 2560 x 1600 pixels. And, third, the matrix was noticeably brighter. According to Apple representatives, the display of the new MacBook Air is 48% better color.

Powerful stuffing in a compact body

At the moment, the Russian Apple Online Store is available only two models of the MacBook Air with Intel Core i5 processor, the eighth generation. Laptops are equipped with Intel graphics UHD Graphics 617, 8 GB RAM 2133 MHz LPDDR3 and fast SSD with capacity of 128 and 256 GB.

However, the sale must be available, and other modifications. In particular, the presentation, Apple representatives have said that users will be able to purchase a MacBook Air with 16 GB of RAM and a drive capacity to 1.5 TB. However, how much will such a model are not known.

As for ports, the laptop has left and two USB C. They are located on the left side and on right is the headphone Jack.

Coprocessor, Touch ID and a powerful sound

One of the features of the MacBook Air was the T2 co-processor. This chip helps in the feature “Hey Siri”, and is also responsible for the security of the data stored in the computer’s memory. By the way, he is also involved in the work Touch ID.

During the presentation of cupertinos mentioned about the improved sound. Now the MacBook Air came from three microphones. Rather, they actively participate in the work of the voice assistant Siri. However, with this additional microphones should significantly improve the quality of the recorded sound.

Improved dynamics. According to representatives of Apple’s updated MacBook Air became play 25% louder, and the dynamics themselves become more bass.


As mentioned above, in the Russian Apple Online Store is already available in two versions the MacBook Air. The basic version with 8 GB of RAM and hard drive 128 GB will cost 104 990 rubles, and the model with SSD on 256 GB – 120 990 rubles.

To pre-order today. The official sale should start November 7.


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