In the eve of new year holidays, Apple has released a new video called Share your Gifts. Unlike previous works, the new is done in cartoon format. The style is even a little reminiscent of work by Pixar.

The short film tells the story of a girl who, whether out of fear of being misunderstood, whether due to innate shyness, hiding your hard work. Instead of having to share them with anyone, the main character carefully hides them in a box. But at one point they literally fly through the city and oddly enough, cause everyone who looked at only the warmest emotions.

Together to a short film on official Youtube channel of Apple there was also a small video that shows the process of shooting the video Share your Gifts. According to experts, the new year is removed by the combined method. This means that almost all the sets were real, and the characters and special effects drawn using computer graphics overlaid on pre-captured background.


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