Apple never stops testing its new operating systems. Tonight developers became available the second test Assembly iOS 13.1 and ninth beta tvOS 13.

Judging by the weight of the new beta versions, special changes has not occurred. Talking about it and the developers who have already managed to try out a test build. Despite the lack of notable innovations, iOS 13.1 has been fixed many minor bugs and closed a security vulnerability that allowed the hack first beta of iOS 13.1. In addition, Apple’s mobile operating system back some features that were not available last the test Assembly. For example, “automation commands” and “Share location” in Maps.

tvOS 13 beta 9 traditionally received even fewer changes. In the new beta version of the operating system for TV set-top box cupertinos focused on eliminating defects and improving the speed of the OS.

At the moment it is not known when exactly Apple plans to release final versions of its new operating systems. Most likely, they will be available to users in the second half of September.


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