It is impossible not to agree.

Apple will integrate the fingerprint scanner Touch ID in the displays of their smartphones. The company refused to “go on about” the other smartphone manufacturers because of the imperfections of Fingerprint technology On Display. This is indicated by an extract from notes prepared for investors, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

As the analyst said, the Android smartphone with an integrated fingerprint sensor display are actually the “testing ground”, which worked through the new technology. Apple, which is traditionally known for its rigor in the development of advanced technologies and care for the users that chose a different path. The company believes that the facial recognition system Face ID allows us to provide a much better user experience than the existing implementation of the Fingerprint On the Display.

It is worth noting that the predictions of Ming-Chi Kuo this technology in 2019 will increase by 500%. In future, though, Ming-Chi Kuo does not preclude the emergence of Touch ID in the new iPhone. But this will only happen after Apple will be sure that the fingerprint sensor Touch ID in the screen works “how to”.

Source: 9to5mac


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