Apple removed from your application store program that allows you to track the movement of police officers in Hong Kong. In a statement the company said that through this application, the protesters set up ambushes for the security forces, reports the newspaper “Izvestia”.

App HK live map in real time allowed us to monitor the whereabouts of the police. Apple have repeatedly received feedback which said that this function “being used in ways that threatened law enforcement and inhabitants” of the region, reports Reuters.

Apple’s rules allow distribution of the application that pose a threat to society or contribute to violations of the law, the Agency said.

The developer, whose name was not disclosed, told the news Agency that he does not consider the application is unlawful, as the protests is the struggle of the local population for freedom.

Anti-government demonstration in Hong Kong since June. The demonstrators, in particular, demand the abolition of the amendments to the extradition act, as they fear the beginning of the issue of dissent the authorities of mainland China.

The fourth of September, the head of administration of Hong Kong Carrie Lam said the withdrawal of the bill. However, the protesters insist on the fulfillment of all the requirements, including conducting independent investigations of police actions during the meetings on 12 June and the introduction of direct universal elections for the post of head of the district administration and the legislature.

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