Apple believed that the application uses personal data of users without their consent. With the same claim against Like Patrol in late October declared himself to Instagram. They believe that the application threatens the security and health of users, because it can be used for surveillance.

Creator Like Patrol Sergio Luis Center, in turn, stated that his app only collects the data that is in the public domain. The company plans to appeal the decision of Apple in the near future, and also share with everyone source Like Patrol to the app with the same functionality could create anyone.

According to the developers, Like Patrol helps to control the behavior of a partner — keep track of who he or she “likes” and see who is online mostly to communicate with other users. Those who have already downloaded the app will be able to use them to continue even after removal from the App Store.

In late April, Instagram started to hide likes under posts. The first country where you earned the upgrade, it became Canada, but in July it was joined by Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, Japan and Brazil. Now this feature is still being tested. Instagram representatives explained the company’s decision that it seeks to create a comfortable psychological environment in social networks.

This summer RTVI conducted an experiment — news editor digital edition Ekaterina Kiseleva tried to become popular instagram blogger: “I had a week, a thousand subscribers at the start of the eighth and the iPhone (with a bunch of new apps Insta-helpers) and some books with tips on how to become popular on the Internet”. It turned out that even with this set to achieve extra likes is very difficult.

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