MOSCOW, April 29. /TASS/. Apple is explained to remove applications for parental controls of some third-party software from App store because they did not meet the requirements of corporate policy in terms of security and user privacy. This is stated in the message Apple.

Previously, “Kaspersky Lab” complained Apple to the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) requirements for U.S. corporations to exclude from Kaspersky Safe Kids two main functions (the ability to control applications and block the Safari browser) to embed the apps in the App Store. As noted in the “Kaspersky Lab”, this is the app for about three years was available to Apple users and not cause issues from the Corporation. However, after the appearance of the Apple parental controls and Screen Time policies the American Corporation has changed, that can talk about the use of Apple of the position of the platform owner to discriminate against third party indicated in the “Kaspersky Lab”.

“We have recently removed a few apps with parental control feature from the App Store and did it for a simple reason — they threaten the privacy and security of users”, — stated in the message Apple.

The Corporation stressed that the destruction of third-party applications for parental control of the App Store is not a question of competition and the issue of security. “Apple has always supported third party apps in the App Store that help parents to manage the devices of their children. And in this category of applications, and every other category we seek to provide competitive, innovative ecosystem” — summed up in the company.

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