Qualcomm settles down.

In December the court of China banned Apple selling most of the iPhone models in the country for infringement of two Qualcomm patents. Apple managed to avoid punishment by issuing a new iOS version 12.1.2, which addressed controversial elements of the interface, which violated the patents of Qualcomm. However, lawyers Qualcomm this trick Apple did not like and they were new threats.

Lawyers Qualcomm has threatened Apple’s new appeal to the court. According to the laws of China, they can achieve the conclusion of the four official representatives of Apple into custody, forbid them to leave the country or to impose a fine. Employees of Qualcomm told the press that the company is aware of this possibility than just hinted at its likely use in the future.

Also, Qualcomm said that bypassing Apple’s ban on iPhone sales in China is clearly not aimed at solving the conflict. Recall that Apple was able to circumvent the injunction due to the launch of a new iOS version. In the Chinese version 12.1.2 iOS developers, Apple just changed the animation of closing apps and updated the send to menu, Wallpaper and contacts. This allowed them to eliminate all violations of the Qualcomm patents for which Apple had to halt sales of all iPhone in the world’s largest smartphone market.

Source: Global Times China.


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