The parties will be dealt with in court.

The company “Apple Rus”, which officially represents the Apple in Russia, has filed a lawsuit against Sheremetyevo customs. Apple requires the customs to return the previously listed duties on the import of smart watches Apple Watch in the country, and to pay accrued interest. In total Apple wants to get paid in the amount of 146 million roubles.

When Apple brought smart watches Apple Watch in Russia in 2015, the Russian customs found the device the most common wristwatch. In this regard, Apple had to pay a fee of 10% on the import gadget. Only in 2017 Apple through the Supreme court has ensured that the Apple Watch was considered as a special device for data transmission, which is not subject to import duties.

Now Apple wants to return the previously paid fee in the amount of 42.9 mln rubles. In addition, the company is required to pay accrued interest 103 million rubles. Representatives of Sheremetyevo customs stated that interest payments are impossible, because Apple has paid the fee voluntarily. The plaintiff could put forward such a requirement only in case if the customs held mandatory collection, said the representative office.

At the moment a new lawsuit against Apple Russian customs is not considered. Apple’s lawyers have made mistakes in the design documents. When they are corrected, the case will give the movement.

Source: RNS.


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