But the idea is different from the solution of Samsung.

In the future the appearance of the iPhone can be significantly transformed. Today it became known that Apple is working on a smartphone with a rather unusual display. According to the published patent, Apple engineers are considering the possibility of equipping the iPhone with flexible display that will be located not only on the front surface of the housing, but also on the faces.

The Apple patent notes that the flexible display will help to expand the set of functions of the iPhone. In particular, users will be able to access a variety of information directly on the side faces of the smartphone. It does not have to activate the main part of the display.

The side faces of the flexible display can display a variety of useful information and buttons for quick control. For example, on the idea of Apple on the brink can be button to instantly launch the camera, icon displaying today’s date, latest notifications, weather, etc.

A similar solution Samsung used in the Galaxy Edge. The idea the Apple are similar, but still different, for example, the option of providing tactile feedback, as described in the patent.

Source: AW.


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