The expert in the field of computer security found that iPhone 11 Pro can track the location of a user even when geolocation is disabled in settings. Today cupertinos officially commented on this “discovery”.

Cupertinos note that iPhone continues to request GPS data because of the requirements to disable the UWB technology in some places. iOS uses location Services to determine whether smartphone is in a prohibited area to disable ultra-wideband access and to comply with the rules. It works exceptionally on the device, and Apple does not collect user data.

In favor of the fact that Apple does not collect user data, said Executive Director of the Guardian Firewall and security expert iOS will Strafaci. In his microblog, he said that now there is no evidence that the data on the location of the user devices sent to remote servers.

Also kupertinovtsy announced that future iOS will have an additional option that will completely disable the GPS.


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