Requests enough.

Apple has published a new “transparency Report,” which details all the requests of the authorities of various countries to obtain data on the iPhone and other devices users. It became known that from January to June 2018, the Russian authorities sent to Apple 702 of such request. Apple granted 536 requests — the company has provided the required data.

Apple said that such requests were, of course, do not include hacking devices and giving authorities data directly from iPhone, iPad or Mac. In these queries, authorities have asked Apple to disclose the serial number or the IMEI of the necessary devices.

The statistics of Apple shows that the company meets not all the requests of the authorities. The company, as repeatedly stated by its representatives, reveals information about the devices their customers just making sure that the information is really necessary, for example, to eliminate threats to national security.

Most requests to Apple from the authorities was received in Germany (13 704), USA (4570) and Australia (2357). The average Apple has satisfied 80% of requests for user devices.

Source: Apple.


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