Apple revealed the new Apple watch series 5 After the announcement of the new iPad, the launch of Apple services and Apple TV Arcade+, Tim cook from the stage announced the release of the new Apple Watch.

In the clock update added a lot of interesting features. Basic, of course, relate to health. In particular, the clock now has a women’s calendar.

The main feature of the new Apple Watch series 5 became a permanent display. Now don’t have to turn, pull with your hand or something else. The display is always working, and it displays information.

Of course, the clock does not consume a lot of energy in this mode. This became possible thanks to the new display. With the new display, which is always on, Apple watch can still run all day.

Finally, Apple Watch series 5 now includes a compass! You can now watch the cards and do sports without using iPhone.

In addition, in hours a lot of features for “security”. Watch can help to call for rescue, to determine if you fell, etc. So they become a very helpful assistant for the elderly or the disabled.

The news is being finalized.

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