Today it became known that the Irish company Solas OLED, which owns the intellectual rights to a number of developments in the field of OLED, filed a U.S. lawsuit against Apple for infringement of its patents.

The cause of the dispute was a violation of three patents — No. 6072450, No. 7446338 and No. 7573068 – issued by the American Bureau of patents and trademarks. They all describe the structure and schema OLED.

According to reports, the conflict between Apple and Solas OLED started yesterday. Representatives of Irish companies say that over the last two years they tried to negotiate a license agreement with Apple and its suppliers. However, the agreement was never signed. In the end, Solas decided to go to court.

It is noteworthy that in addition to the Irish company Apple also filed lawsuits against Samsung and LG Display. The latter are the main suppliers of OLED displays for the iPhone, MacBook and Apple Watch.


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