The surveillance will be stopped.

Apple has paid attention to the news that the App Store was discovered iPhone apps that can secretly record videos to send to the developers. The company demanded to remove the possibility of surveillance of all applications, giving developers such means of official inquiries with a warning.

This week it became known that some popular applications from the App Store can track iPhone users. Apps use a special technology that allows you to secretly record video and take screenshots on the user device to send to the developers.

According to the official explanation of the developers themselves, this is done with the aim of analysing and improving the user experience. However, outside experts noted that the entry occurs at a random time. Because of this, on the iPhone screen when recording can be displayed with personal information, such as information about credit card. They can be used both by application developers and intercepted during the sending.

Apple very quickly responded to the situation. About spying on the iPhone it became known only yesterday, but today the company made a warning to all the developers whose applications are seen in surveillance. Apple asked them to remove the ability to record and send video from users ‘ devices in the shortest possible time.

Source: TechCrunch.


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