MOSCOW, 22 sen — news. American Corporation Apple in the latest update of its operating system has quietly added a “confidence rating” of users, which is based on the use of the owners of its iPhone and other devices of the company, writes The Independent.

It is noted that the privacy policy was amended, according to which the rating will be formed based on the number of calls and emails of the user to fraud.

“In order to recognize and prevent fraud when making purchases, we will use information about how you use your device, including the approximate amount received, and dialed calls and sent and received emails for the rating of the trust”, — stated in the updated text. However, there is no given specific examples of how these changes will prevent fraud.

As the newspaper notes, this “trust rating” remind one of the episodes of the TV series “Black mirror” in which each person had their own rating, which affects access to medicine, transportation and housing for people.

In addition, The Independent gives off a very vague wording in the modified privacy policy, which can be understood in a broader and more distorted meaning. This new amendment also applies to those devices that can’t send emails or make calls.

Apple has not yet commented on this issue, the publication adds.

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