As reported by Channel News Asia, many customers of the largest banks of the country noticed the suspicious transactions that are marked as “buy in iTunes”. Users certify that I have not made such payments.

Thus far, 58 customers of Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation, money from Bank accounts which have been illegally transferred in favour of the services iTunes. Two people have lost significant amounts is 5100 U.S. dollars. In another Bank — DBS — recorded six cases of unauthorized withdrawals. They all happened to account of the same customer, as a result, people lost all the deposited funds.

Most customers reported that their accounts lost on 112,03 the Singapore dollar or the accounting period 82.22 USD. Such a coincidence seems rather strange. People note that most of the money was paid with iTunes linked to credit cards. But several users found the line “orders to iTunes” in detail phone bills.

Representation of Apple in Singapore said that carefully studying this situation and has already abolished all unauthorized charges.


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