A few days ago Apple has opened a new vacancy. According to reports, the cupertinos are looking for an engineer that could help them to create a gadget that will is associated with health.

In the job description indicated that a new employee would need to have broad knowledge and mainly to develop integrated circuits for special purposes, and to assist in the creation of new sensors and sensor systems.

In jobs not directly stated that the new sensors will be used to monitor the health of the user. However, cupertinos recently published another vacancy – company is looking for an engineer capable of developing new fitness sensors.

Based on these data, many believe that cupertinos began developing a new device. However, there’s also the possibility that the company will modification of an already existing gadget. For example, using additional sensors and chips Apple can expand the functionality of its smart watch. In particular, earlier it was reported that cupertinos want to embed in the Apple Watch is a non-invasive blood glucose meter.


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