Competitors are far behind.

In the last quarter Apple shipped the iPad more than a year earlier, according to IDC. The company has become the largest tablet vendor in the world and widened the gap with its closest competitors. Amid a global decline in sales of these devices, these results look incredibly.

In the second calendar quarter of 2018 11.5 million Apple has sold iPad and took 34.9% of the global market. Last year, the company shipped 11.4 million tablets, but the market share is 29.9%. In IDC believe that to sell more tablets, the company helped available model that came out this year, improve iOS and activity in the educational sector.

In addition to Apple, the positive dynamics in the market showed only Huawei. During the quarter, the company shipped 3.4 million tablets, taking 10.3% of the market and showing growth of 7.7%. Samsung, Lenovo and other manufacturers have implemented fewer devices than in 2017.

The world buying less tablets. In the second quarter of 2018, the global volume of deliveries amounted to 33,0 million units. This is 13.5% less than in the second quarter a year earlier. Success on the market with Apple and Huawei, but there is no guarantee that users will continue to buy devices from these manufacturers in the future.

Source: IDC


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