Until recently Apple didn’t provide third-party services special equipment which is used to replace display modules with Touch ID and Face ID. But now the situation has changed.

According to the resource 9to5Mac, cupertinos entered into an agreement with the company Simply Mac and provided the latter with all the necessary equipment. Special stands for repair will appear in thirty stores Simply Mac.

It is reported that at the conclusion of such agreement, the representatives Simply Mac agreed to end the unofficial Apple repair smartphones and tablets in without the special tools locations.

It is difficult to say exactly when Apple will enter into similar agreements with other service centers, and will conclude, if at all. However, many see this partnership a hint that in the future, the cupertinos will share their service equipment with third-party companies. Naturally, all this will be imposed on the service centers some limitations. However, the presence of the company’s stands should have a positive impact on the quality of maintenance and repair.


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