Apple a day lost about 40 billion dollars of capitalization. 12 Nov producer’s shares fell 5%, pulling down the us markets in General.

The collapse occurred following the publication of the report of one of the suppliers of the company, which warned shareholders about a likely drop in their profits. The markets interpreted this as a signal to reduce the number of orders for parts for iPhone — commented on the situation on Bloomberg, Executive Director of the analytical Department of BTIG Walter Pisik:

“To a certain extent, the company itself has created this situation. The decision that Apple will cease to publish data on the number of sold devices has allowed such stories to have more influence on the market because they will not be able to disprove the official data. Such reports appear regularly on the eve of the publication of the quarterly report. It should be noted that XS and XS Max sell well. Last year there were concerns about the fact that the excess strap in $ 1,000 per device will lead to a decrease in the attractiveness of Apple products. However, iPhone X well sold in each of the blocks. So the prospect of company can be quite positive, because, apparently, consumers want more expensive phones. Maybe we will not see growth, in fact, we will not see anything because the company will not disclose the number of sold devices, but we can observe the revenue growth of Apple, since the company managed to persuade its loyal audience to pay more and more every year.”

Reached for the Apple and other IT giants Amazon, Google and Facebook on the morning of 13 November, were losing 2-3%. A similar loss has also been demonstrated by the indexes Dow Jones, S&P 500 and NASDAQ.

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