The stock price of Apple, the company has been decreasing already for several weeks. Last Friday, the value of one security Apple was 168,49 dollars, and today it has reached an annual minimum – 165,10 dollar.

According to the experts Buisiness Insider, this year has become for shareholders the Apple company a kind of “rollercoaster”. If in the first half of 2018, Apple shares were mostly up and this allowed the iPhone maker a long time to hold the title put away the expensive public company in the world, in the last two months the situation has changed dramatically. For the past 67 days, shares of Apple fell by 27%. However, some experts believe that the decline will continue.

The value of Apple stock is influenced by many factors. However, most of the users sees this as a direct proof of the incorrect price policy, which cupertinos carried out in recent years. Currently Apple is often blamed for too high prices.


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