Apple plans to produce its own TV shows and movies. And here at WWDC 2019, the Corporation has revealed the first trailer for the future of the series “For all mankind”. And it is very interesting, because it exploits the now popular subject of alternate history and nostalgia.

The essence of the following series will show the space race, what it could be, if the moon first landed Soviet cosmonauts. The video shows how the Americans watching the landing under disturbing music. And the Soviet flag mount on the satellite of our planet.

It is noted that this series will be released in a future streaming service Apple TV+ (similar to Netflix) this fall, though the subscription price has not yet specified. In addition to the “For all mankind” are expected and other projects.

The project deals with the author of “the Star cruiser “Galaxy”” and producer of “Star trek” Ronald Moore, because it is expected a very interesting experiment.

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