Bottom dock with frequently run applications that has existed since the original iPhone in the foreseeable future can radically change your location. It follows from the content of the new patent of Apple, discovered in the database of the patent and trademark office.

In accordance with the descriptive part of the patent, Apple is considering the possibility of placing the dock bar on the side faces of the iPhone. On each side is planned to accommodate the touch panel like Touch Bar like on MacBook Pro, on which are displayed icons of popular apps.

Touch Bar for iPhone

Despite the dubious convenience of the side dock bar, its transfer to the sidewall will allow you to free up space on the desktop, and expand the functionality of the device. For example, on the Touch Bar instead of the programs will display the control keys, the shutter and other system commands.

Of course, there is no guarantee that Apple will decide to implement this patent, at least in the form in which it exists now. We should not exclude that in the future when the iPhone will get rid of the side part and will acquire a wrap around display, this idea will have the right to life.


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