Pictures with meaning.

Over the past 11 years Apple awards the best photographers award iPhone Photography Awards. 2018 is no exception — on Thursday, the company announced the names of the winners and published their work on a special website. Just the title of photographer of the year has got four members.

First — Jashim Salam (Jashim Salam) from Bangladesh with a photo of the children in the camp for refugees, made on the iPhone 7.

The second winner Alexandra Weber (Weber Alexandre) from Switzerland. This picture shows Brazilian woman in a colorful outfit. Photo taken on the iPhone 6s.

The author of the third photo — Huapeng Zhao (Zhao Huapeng). This is a portrait of a boy who was swimming in the sea and caught a small fish. Filmed in China for the iPhone 6.

The last picture was taken in Myanmar with the iPhone 7 Plus. It depicts a boy with an amputated leg who looks like his peers chase the ball. Author photo — Myo zarni Win (Myo Zarni Win).

A mandatory condition of participation in the contest, the picture must be taken on the iPhone or iPad. The use of graphic editors for desktop computers like Photoshop are not allowed, however contestants can use the tools for iOS.

This year the award was trying to get photographers from 140 countries. You can submit your works to participate in the draw for the following prizes, which will be held in 2019. Detailed information about the selection of images available on the website of iPhone Photography Awards.



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