Smartphones again instantly sold out.

Earlier in the week Apple was marked by an unusual course. The company launched sales of the iPhone SE in us Internet store at a reduced price — the whole batch of smartphones were sold within a few hours. Tonight Apple has added to the online store the second batch of iPhone SE that interested buyers once again snapped up in no time.

Some analysts linked the launch of the iPhone SE the official sales with the desire of Apple to assess the demand for a compact smartphone in the United States. According to assumptions of experts, Apple may be considering launching iPhone SE 2, studying the likely demand for the smartphone is not only in the markets of developing countries, but also in the United States.

On the other hand, most experts are inclined to think that Apple just decided to sell the remaining stocks of iPhone SE. However, for whatever reason, the company started to do this now remains a mystery.

Note that at the moment there are no serious prerequisites for the release of the iPhone 2 SE. Even despite the fact that Apple fans really are waiting for a model, and analysts see iPhone SE 2 real Savior for Apple from the current crisis.


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