In the last few days in the network actively discussed the problem with speakers 16-inch MacBook Pro. While the cupertinos would not officially comment on the situation. However, according to an internal Apple document, the problem will be fixed in the next update macOS.

If you believe the reports, but now the Apple company experts are actively investigating user complaints and are working on a special software patch, which should solve the problem with the speakers.

In an internal document that cupertinos sent to all authorized service centers, Apple asks you not to take a 16-inch “Proshka” in repair and not to change the computers under warranty, if the owners complain of popping sounds from the speakers. The problem would be solved with a software update. The patch should be out soon.

Judging by the reviews online, many owners of the 16-inch MacBook Pro faced with extraneous sounds from the speakers that appear when watching videos or listening to music. Some even believed that the problem is related to hardware defect. However, it was not so scary.


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